PC Check In

Stand Alone Check In System

Stand alone Check In system for customer queueing.

Electronic Check In & Queuing!

Replace the sign in sheet

Replacing the sign in sheet with an electronic check in system strengthens privacy and increases business efficiency. Customer arrivals are automatically recorded and passed to computer displays throughout the network. Organizing customers as they arrive into time sorted, check list style displays will help expedite each customer to a department or person. Staff members can acknowledge and mark who they are working with so that others can move to the next customer. PC Check In stores the time stamped data to create long term reporting and help management assess business efficiency.

Self-Hosted sign in sheet software. Keep your data in house.

Self-Hosted Software

Keep all your data in-house

PC Check In is one of the only self-hosted kiosk check in system on the market. The entire check in system installs to your PC or server by simply unzipping the files to a folder. Staff members can access the information using a browser such as Chrome or Edge. PC Check In has an internal web server that does not go out to the internet and keeps all your data inside your network.

PC Check In can use a PC touch screen or an Apple iPad for the kiosk.

Simple Touch Screen Kiosk

Create your own kiosk using a PC based touch screen or use an Apple iPad in a kiosk stand. Using the configuration, the kiosk can optionally ask several questions such as name, date of birth, phone, email as well as two yes/no questions adn two text questions before it asks the reason and sub reason for the visit. Most PC touch screens are based on Point-of-Sale computers like the Touch Dynamics 15" Pulse PC. Apple iPads make great, inexpensive kiosks too.

Organized Desktop Customer List

Staff can use this view to acknowledge and organize customers as they arrive PC Check In makes it easy to organize your customers into a check list style display. Replace the sign in sheet with electronic sign in.

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