PC Check In

PC Check In Install

PC Check In Install

PC Check In is one of the easiest programs to install. You will only need to install the software to one PC or Windows server and the rest of the computers will access the data via web browser such as Chrome or Edge

Steps to Install

  • Disable User Access Control (UAC)
  • Go to your control panel, click on User Accounts, click 'Change User Account Control Settings'. Move the slider to the lowest setting, Save and Reboot.
  • Download PC Check In zip file
  • Create a folder on the root of the C: drive named PCCHECKIN ( Click Here to download)
  • Unzip the file to the PCCHECKIN folder
  • Run pccheckin.exe
  • Your computer may ask to allow port 80 through the firewall of the PC. You will need to allow this so other computers on your network can access the webpage
  • Open your browser to "http://localhost"
  • You should see a log in page. The default user is Admin and password is admin. This can be changed later.
  • Set up Users
  • At the main menu, select System Users and create log in names for your staff
  • Set up the configuration
  • At the main menu, select Configuration. This is where you set your questions and reasons for visit.
  • Connect your PC touch screen or iPad
  • The kiosk can be a PC touch screen or an Apple iPad. Although we do not support Android, you may find it works with certain tablets also.

Setting up Users

  • Security
  • There are three levels of security. Level 1 is a standard user, Level 3 allows access to reports, Level 5 is an Admin user. Caution: An admin user can add/delete users and data.
  • Users can be shared but ...
  • Sometimes user log ins are shared such as 'receptionist' or 'Front Desk'. What ever user name is used to log in is what will appear in reports when the user performs a function. When the user clicks acknowledge or check out, that logged in user name will appear on the record.


  • Reasons for Visit
  • The reasons and sub-reasons for visit are presented at check in on the kiosk. These are optional.
  • Questions
  • There are two yes/no questions and two text questions available. These will show on the displays if active.


  • Free Trial
  • The software will run for 30 days on a trial license. After that you will need to register the software for a key.
  • Annual License
  • PC Check In is licensed annually. Please email or call for a license key.