PC Check In

Frequently Asked Questions

What Encryption is used?

PC Check In is designed only to be used internally. It is not to be used outside of your firewall. Therefore, encryption is not used to communicate between workstations. PC Check In uses port 80. The hard drive used to host PC Check In can be encrypted for security.

System time is off

The system time is controlled by the Windows Operating System. You will need to stop the kiosk part of PC Check In and adjust the time using the Windows clock in the bottom right corner of the screen. To exit the program, connect a USB keyboard to the system and use . The clock can also be accessed in the Control Panel.

Default Password

The default password is 'mciadmin'

Basic Installation

Installation is done by unpacking a zip file into a single folder. Click here for more details.

Clear all records

THIS CANNOT BE UN-DONE. If you want to clear all the records in the database, type http://IPADDRESS/clear.asp from a desktop.


Licensing is an annual subscription. This includes the software, updates and support. Contact us at 727-578-6100